01 Jun


As many of you are aware the government are stepping up the control and are using words to control the employers especially NHS workers.  Terms like mandatory, compulsory, legislation all of it meaning - it is optional and is not LAW.  Unfortunately many employers out there do not realise they are being led into a web of deceit and are actually believing the  legislation to be law and as such are forcing their employees who have served them well, to leave their jobs if they refuse to vaccinate.  Let us be honest here, most NHS workers have seen for themselves the death and disabilities these vaccines have caused and naturally do not want to partake in these trial vaccines which until 2023 will have no idea as to the effects these vaccines will have.  Most of us have over the past year lost a loved one to the vaccine and naturally those who see the effects up close do not want to partake in this trial.

Fortunately, our human rights are still intact and this allows us the right to either consent to having the vaccine or refusing the vaccine, either way, your employer cannot discriminate against you for choosing not to partake in the trial and whilst the Government is using power words to enforce the vaccination to line their pockets, we will continue to lose our loved ones in droves sadly, I have experience of this myself and have lost so many young and active friends to the vaccines.  If you do not want to have the trial vaccination then you are not at liberty to have it, neither can you be discriminated or prejudiced against for not having it.  You are entitled to the same freedoms as those who are vaccinated and those same vaccinated are contracting Covid at a higher rate than the unvaccinated and sadly are guilty of transmitting the virus to vulnerable people due to their vaccination status rather than still having the cautions attached to their movements.  Covid will inevitably whilst it remains profitable to the government will continue until  everyone realises that 3 monthly vaccinations for the rest of their life is not conducive to a long healthy life.  In the meantime, those unvaccinated must stand up for their rights and not be allowed to be dismissed from jobs due to discrimination, we have many letters on here that can help you in your fight whether you work for the NHS or other industries who are also pushing Covid passes which again are not mandatory and cannot be used to prejudice against you if you are unvaccinated, we are all equal and we all have equal human rights, they do not depend on whether an experimental trial vaccine has entered your body or not.  So remember everyone, nothing in law has changed.  All so called mandatory vaccines, testing and mask wearing is consentual only and the government so-called legislation is guidelines only not law.  Hope this helps to clear up some misunderstandings out there.

Fancy a challenge?  If your employer states it is now Government legislation to dismiss you from a job or it is compulsory to use a NHS Covid Pass - ASK THEM THIS .... "Show me where in LAW it states this" -  it will keep them busy looking for something that does not exist, a bit like the Virus which has yet to be proven to exist!  They have more chance proving Santa is real. 

JULY 2021

As Facebook is determined that our Support page is discriminated and prejudiced against for supporting the persecuted by banning the site very often, I have decided that I will post up to date news on here as I get it as I am unable to access the site on Facebook without them banning it and people require much needed support at the present time.

Keep your eyes peeled on this up to date news and blog page as I will post any support I can on here for all our members to access.  Stay strong everyone.

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