28 Jul

I have sent this email today to Andres Morales at UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights organisation to request why all UN Countries have the right to break the UNESCO laws which should be upheld by the 43 nations.

Dear Sir, 

I run a free support group for all those being discriminated, prejudiced, bullied, intimidated, threatened by everything to do with the SARS-CoV-2 virus for which to date is not yet proved to exist and is not in the public domain neither is it in the UK on the Highly Infectious Disease Register which clearly declares in law by the UK government that Covid 19 is not a highly infectious disease. I hear daily between 50 to 150 emails daily from people including myself who had to watch my elderly mother be force vaccinated both against our Power of Attorney and what would have been her wishes as she was against vaccines.  

Every day people are losing their jobs, being victimised, threatened, imprisoned in nursing and care homes from their families and parents unless they agree to be vaccinated against their will.  Care workers being fired from their jobs due to not wanting the vaccine or take part in this experimental trial vaccination programme which is as you know is a serious breach of their human rights.  Many have taken the vaccine just so they can keep their job and have died as a result of receiving the vaccine along with millions of others who have died after receiving this dangerous non-licensed vaccine for purposes shall we say has more to do with monetary gains than health as we all clearly know. 

UNESCO Article 6.1 clearly states that all humans residing in UN nations have the right to choose whether or not they want to receive the vaccine (I.e. consent to medical procedures), unfortunately every country is breaking the UNESCO laws by forcing people to be vaccinated in order to gain their government grants, so basically bribery and is also in breach of Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Resolution 2361 (Jan 2021) – Articles 7.3.1, 7.3.2 and 7.5.2 which clearly states that citizens must be informed that the vaccination is NOT Mandatory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if they choose not to do so.  Please explain how all UN countries are able to breach these human rights by forcing, coercing, prejudicing and discriminating against its citizens by forcing them to be vaccinated, if they do not agree then they are taken from their families, refused travel without the covid certificate which according to 7.5.2 is just there for monitoring vaccine efficacy but instead is being used to stop citizens from travelling unless vaccinated and agree to being forced to take part in a medical experimental trial vaccine for which daily deaths prove this vaccine is unsafe including adverse effects to my own family. They are like millions from all countries including the UK who are suffering from blood clots, strokes, pulmonary embolisms from these vaccines, another crime like that of Thalidomide, Flu and MMR vaccines all of which were and still are deemed safe despite the high numbers of adverse effects and deaths.

Human rights means the right to freedom, the right to choose over what is put into our bodies for whatever reasons, could be because we take the time to research the ingredients in vaccines, religious reasons, whatever the reason it is up to the individual to choose whether or not they wish to take part in medical experiments, and it is a crime to take away a person’s free right to choose via medical consent. All countries in particular the UK are forcing vaccinations, if we do not accept the vaccine we cannot travel, we cannot shop, we cannot enter places of entertainment, we cannot marry, we cannot see our parents in care homes, cannot see our children in care homes most of which are vaccine damaged children to begin with. I wish to receive confirmation from the UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights that the laws to which member countries of the United Nations citizens have the human right to refuse this unlicensed, untested trial experimental vaccine if they so choose and that no citizen can be persecuted, derogatory persecution by peers and employers, imprisonment in care homes and restriction of our right to freedom.

 I trust you will have the respect to acknowledge this email and offer confirmation that the UNESCO Laws in particular 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 are still law and cannot be over-ridden by money hungry politicians who have alternative reasons for forcing vaccinations and nothing whatsoever to do with a virus that has as yet to be proven to exist in the public domain anywhere in the world.

 Yours faithfully 

Kerry Bishop

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