Frequently Asked questions (F.A.Q's) 

Please check these FAQ's first before messaging as we have considerable delays in replies due to high demand at the present time.

Can anyone join Helping Hands Group Support?

YES - Anyone can access our FREE Helping Hands Group Support Website and we also have Groups on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Parler.  There is no need to apply to join us, simply look on these sites for our purple heart and hands logo and you are sure to find us.  We offer our support services to anyone who is need of guidance, support, template letters etc in order to acquire the tools to fight for their rights.  All our services are FREE and available to everyone.

Do you offer financial support and assistance?

NO- Sorry we are a FREE voluntary run support group and are not able to offer anyone financial assistance.  For those seeking financial support we recommend you contact your nearest local  Citizens Advice Bureau who will be able to offer assistance and provide emergency food bank vouchers for food and essentials.  They will also be able to advise you of financial assistance available in your specific area.  There is often assistance available from such charities as British Red Cross and Salvation Army.

What kind of support can you offer?

We can offer an array of support to individuals.  We are well versed in Human Rights and laws and we have a qualified counsellor on board for those who just need to talk.   We have a wide selection of template letters for individuals needs, which are free to download or copy to use in your personal battles. We ensure that every member who comes to us for support receives the much needed assistance as soon as possible.

Do you only assist people living in the United Kingdom?

NO- We offer assistance as best we can to everyone, however; we are based in Wales in the U.K and have additional assistance to those in the UK over that of other countries where we are not so familiar with the rules and regulations governing certain countries.  We always recommend you contact a support group in your locality as they will be able to assist you better and quicker.


For a list of Member countries of United Nations see:

Can I be forced to wear a mask, to test or to vaccinate due to Covid 19?

NO - No one can force you to wear a mask, to be tested or be vaccinated.  Our human rights and the Equality Act 2010 clearly state that we have the right to refuse any medical intervention/treatment and cannot be forced to wear masks, to test or be vaccinated in line with our disability.  The only exception to this rule are private businesses which as a customer of theirs they can insist you wear a mask to enter as long as this is a blanket ban on everyone not entering unless they wear a mask then a private business has the right to refuse you entry at the entrance of the shop/business.  If however, they allow just one person inside the store/business without a mask then they cannot refuse you entry as it then becomes discrimination.  Many believe that mask wearing is covered by the Discrimination Act this is misleading because although a member of staff is protected, a customer is not protected.  So to summarise, No one can force you to wear a mask, you simply shop or do business elsewhere if a private owner decides to only allow mask wearers on their premises.  They have the right to refuse anyone entry as long as the person is not covered by the protected groups such as ethnicity, age, religion etc.

If you are being forced to wear a mask against your will, see Letters:  8, 14, 15,, 43
If you are being forced to receive a Covid Test against your will - see Letters: 7, 44, 44A, 54, 55, 56
If you are being forced to receive a Covid Vaccination against your will - see Letters: 7, 48, 53, 54

Do we still have human rights since leaving the EU (Brexit) and the removal of EU Human rights?

YES ABSOLUTELY  - Despite us losing our EU Human Rights on leaving the EU (Brexit) we are still covered under the United Nations Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 Act (UNESCO).  All member states of the United Nations are covered by the UNESCO Human Rights which have to be incorporated into the laws of the 'said' country.  We are a member of the United Nations and so we are covered by the human rights Act 2005.

Together with these rights we still have the Equality Act 2010 in force, the NHS Constitution also covers our rights relating to medical issues. A combination of all these human rights acts and equality covers us during this Covid period.

Here is a link to the UNESCO Human Rights Act: 

Is the Covid 19 (Coronavirus Act 2020) Law?

NO - The Coronavirus Act 2020 is as it suggests an 'ACT' and is not law.  Acts are mandatory to follow but have many exemptions which laws do not have.  Therefore many of the rules (Rules are not law) mean fines etc., given for various reasons during Covid 19 are unenforceable in a court of law. For e.g. "You cannot leave the house except for reasons that are deemed ESSENTIAL - there is no listing as to what essential means therefore it can mean different things to different people.  Essential for one person is not essential to another so this is non-enforceable as there is no clear guidance about what essential incorporates.  Law has clear guidance with NO EXEMPTIONS.

If my employer insists I be vaccinated, do I have the right to refuse?

YES - If you have more than a zero hour contract and vaccination was not incorporated into that employment contract when you signed it, then you have a right to refuse to be vaccinated as per your human rights.  Increasingly, employers are trying to enforce compulsory Covid 19 vaccinations in the workplace.  This is illegal and should they threaten your current employment because of your refusal, you have the right to prosecute them in court for compensation for breaching your human rights and employment contract.

Why Compensation? - Because as soon as you refuse the chances are your job will be sadly threatened and once court action is being initiated, you are unlikely to be welcomed back. However; because you are within your rights to refuse, your employer will be made to compensate you for a period of time that you will be made unemployed by them, full wage for a period of time deemed by the judge to be the time it will take for you to obtain another job.

Why do Zero hour contracts differ? - They differ because having a zero hour contract means your employer is not bound to offer you any hours of work and should you refuse the vaccine, testing etc your employer can simply state that there are no work hours available to you. You cannot then prove that they have not given you hours based on your refusal to vaccinate or test, it is your word against theirs and a judge will go with the employer if you have a zero hour contract.

If I have a Zero Hour contract do I still have the right to refuse testing and vaccination?

YES - As an employee you still have employment rights, however; these are greatly reduced to the point that if you refuse to be tested or vaccinated in the workplace when demanded, your employer will simply decide there is not enough work for you and will simply let you go.  So in effect: Yes you have the right but in essence if you refuse be prepared that they will simply send you home and state they have no work.  Being on a Zero hour contract means they are not obliged contractually to offer you any work.

We seriously recommend people who do not want to be routinely tested and/or Covid Vaccinated to avoid applying for work with Zero hour contracts.  Your rights are negligible compared to other hour contracts which have work hours to honour to their employees.

If a loved one has special needs or dementia and is unable to decide if they want to be vaccinated or not, can I simply refuse on their behalf?

NO - Sadly even as a parent to a child with special needs that is not Gillick competent you do not have automatic rights to speak and decide on the health and welfare of a child or vulnerabe adult.  Children or young adults 16 years and over have the right to make their own health choices i.e. vaccinations.  This can only be over-ruled if the young person over 16 years is NOT Gillick Competent.

Children who are not Gillick Competent: It is advisable to apply for Deputyship, Guardianship or power of attorney in order to be able to make important decisions about the finances, health and welfare of a child with special needs especially when they turn 16 years of age and are then classed as young adults. All vulnerable adults i.e. special needs, mental illness including dementia, alzheimer's etc., should have someone responsible for their health, welfare and finances. Unable to make important decisions is left to the local authority if the young adult does not have a power of attorney, deputyship or guardianship order.

It is especially important in the current times with Covid 19 vaccinations that parents, family members etc., ensure measures are in place to legally defend the rights of vulnerable children and adults.

I have more than one issue, can I download more than one letter from the website?

YES - Everyone is welcome to help themselves to any amount of Letter Templates.  There is no restriction and you can use them as and when you need them.  Always remember to try to personalise your letter to reflect the issue you are writing about.  All the letters are very 'General' in nature so that it can suit any age, gender, position etc..  We advise that our letters can be added to, taken away bits that are not relative to the issue in which you wish to address.  Basically make the letter your own, so that the recipient is made fuly aware of what the letter refers to and your concerns.  Always sign the letter and where applicable obtain a Witness to also sign bearing witness to you signing the letter.  Witnesses can be anyone over the age of 18 years of age.

Can I send a personal message to you to request guidance and support?

YES - You are most welcome to contact me privately on any of the groups or via this website.  You can also email me direct at  Please note: That due to the increasing demand for assistance daily, there may be a delay in replying to your messages, however; I will reply to your message at my earliest possible time.

My child or I are due to receive medical treatment but have been told we must take a Covid Test prior to be treated, can they refuse me or my child medical treatment?

A BIG NO - No-one can refuse you medical treatment based on blackmail i.e. must wear mask, must be Covid tested, or must be vaccinated.  THIS IS ILLEGAL  Masks, tests and vaccines are consentual only which means if you do not want to wear a mask, be tested or vaccinated then that is your right and your choice.  No medical facility hospital, surgery etc can refuse you or your child medical treatment under the threat of blackmail to comply to these measures.  The hospital or surgery concerned are breaching your human rights and the National Health Constitution to which they must adhere to at all times.

If you are being refused medical treatment for refusal to wear a mask, test or vaccine please use our letters:
ADULTS - Refusal due to Mask - Letter 8
- Refusal due to Covid Testing - Letter: 9

CHILDREN - Refusal due to mask - Letter:8
- Refusal due to Covid Testing - Letter: 9A

Dental Treatment Refusal - Letter 16

Stage 1 - Complaint - Letter 10
Stage 2 - Complaint - Letter 11
Stage 3 - Complaint - Letter 12

Complaint to local health Board - Letter 13

I have heard the phrase "Gillick Competent" what does this mean and how can it affect my loved one?

Gillick competence is a functional ability to make a decision for oneself. It is task specific so more complex procedures require greater levels of competence. When assessing Gillick competence for immunization, a health professional has to decide whether the child is or is not competent to make that particular decision.

If your child/young adult has learning difficulties, they will be assessed to determine whether or not they are Gillick Competent. This means an array of questions and tests will be used to assess whether or not the young person understands the complexity of a situation, if they do understand they are regarded as Gillick Competent which means they can make decisions for themselves for e.g. Vaccinations, medical treatment etc.

If your child/young adult is unable to understand the dangers and impact of certain procedures, then they will be deemed Non Gillick competent and in which case the parent/guardian has to make decisions for them as they are unable to understand the complexity of the situation.

I hear the phrase "BLANKET BAN" what does this mean?

A BLANKET BAN is when a PRIVATE company (this excludes government offices such as DWP, Doctors Surgeries, Hospitals, council run care homes, schools, universities etc) issues a demand that anyone entering their private premises must obey certain rules, these could be such as - Must not wear a hat, Must not be semi-dressed, Must not wear jeans, Must wear a mask, Any private business can issue whatever rules they want to allow entry to their property, HOWEVER: A blanket ban has many RULES to abide by and if the business is not abiding by these rules then it is not a blanket ban and becomes DISCRIMINATION and PREJUDICE which is a serious illegal matter to be addressed.

The Rules of a Blanket Ban:
1) The Company must be a PRIVATELY run business and not run or funded by the government/council/NHS etc.,
2) The Company must display a fully visible sign at the entrance of the property informing all those about to enter of the blanket ban that applies on their premises. If there is no sign displayed they are unable to use a blanket ban.
3) The Company must ensure not one single person enters their property who is in breach of the blanket ban rule for e.g. one person wearing a hat, or one person not wearing a mask, if they allow just one person into their property which is in breach of the blanket ban, then their behaviour becomes DISCRIMINATORY and PREJUDICIAL which is illegal and for which the Company could be liable for prosecution of a fine between £900 to £9,000 compensation.
4) If the Company refuses you entry or access to their premises based on a specific reason i.e. mask wearing, certain clothes etc they can be liable for compensation to you.
5)  Hospitals, Doctors Surgeries, Council Offices, Government run offices , Schools, Universities CANNOT impose a blanket ban, so no hospital or surgery or government office can refuse you entry based on mask wearing, covid testing or vaccination, otherwise they can be prosecuted for compensation in the region of between £900 to £9,000.

I have Power of Attorney over my disabled family member - can the courts rule against my refusal to have my loved one Covid Vaccinated?

This is personal to me and sadly the answer is YES they can force your loved one to be forced vaccinated against your wishes even when you hold Power of Attorney.  Unfortunately after taking our loved one's GP to court to refuse forced vaccination, it was ruled by the Office of Public Guardian Judge that our loved one be vaccinated against her will and our will.

How can this happen - Further to the corruption currently taking place in UK Courts, The Lord Chief Justice has ruled that Judges can rule against Power of Attorney's wishes and the family members to be forced vaccinated regardless of risks to the loved one. The only advice I can give is to ask the prosecution team "TO PROVE COVID 19 EXISTS" - they cannot prove it exists because it doesn't exist and as such they cannot vaccinate against something that has no proof that it exists in the public domain. SARS-CoV2 has never been purified and is not on the Highly Infectious Diseases Register which a virus of which is said to be a pandemic would be on the HCID however; it was taken off the register in March 2020 so clearly this virus which does not exist in the public domain cannot require a trial vaccination for something that is non-existent. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET AROUND THIS CORRUPTION, we learned this lesson too late and our loved one was vaccinated and deteriorated as a result. This is a lesson learned after the event which I URGE anyone who has POA for their loved ones who are being coerced into vaccination to use in their defence.

Ultimately the only way to ensure the safety of your loved ones is to take the Lord Chief Justice to court and naturally this would cost more than anyone could possibly afford and require top barristers to over-rule the Lord Chief Justice on this matter, in the meantime until you have saved millions of pounds in court fees to take him to court, then I suggest you use the "ASK FOR PROOF" of the existence of Covid 19 in the public domain - it is not there and not available as it has never been purified or isolated and as such we only have a corrupt government's word that it exists!!

I work for a private individual or business can I have my employer for breaking human rights?

The answer is NO because private businesses and private employers cannot be prosecuted for not abiding by Human Rights, however; most issues relating to human rights are covered in the Equality Act 2010 for which private businesses and individuals can be prosecuted, so although you cannot prosecute a private business for breaching your Human Rights, you can prosecute them for breaching your equality rights under the Equality Act 2010 so pretty much everything that is in our human rights laws is covered by the Equality Act anyway, so you prosecute private individuals and businesses differently to public authorities and public authorities.