**Anonymous Letter to School enforcing mask wearing & testing**

Here is a link to a company who are willing to send a FREE anonymous letter to your child's school to remind the school concerned that they cannot enforce mask wearing or Covid Testing in the school or college.  Many have used our template letters specifically naming the child and this has had in some instances repercussions on the child i.e. being isolated and/or prejudiced against, which although can be also addressed as this behaviour is illegal, it can target the child by the teacher's unlawful behaviour.  This company will send an anonymous letter to your child's school informing the school that they are breaching human rights and laws and will not name your child thereby avoiding prejudice towards the child.

Helping Hands highly recommendeds this service to all parents.  The letters are professionally written and incorporate all the necessary laws and rights each child has to a free education without the hindrance of unlawful behaviour by the schools.

Click on this link and complete the form available whereby these lawyers will send an anonymous free letter to your child's school informing them that mask wearing and covid testing cannot be made mandatory.

Click here:  https://democracydeclaration.com/lawyers-for-liberty