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Hello....  my name is Kerry and I would like to offer you a big welcome to our FREE Helping Hands Group Support website. I hope you find this website useful and informative together with empowering and supportive during the current times.  

I first began with a 'Helping Hands Group Support' page on Facebook as I found I was being increasingly contacted by scores of friends and friends of friends, all people asking my advice on how to deal with 'injustices' caused by such government departments as; DWP, TV Licensing, DVLA, Councils etc., and the actions of companies i.e. Bailiffs, Debt Collectors etc. I have always made it a mission of mine to know my way around these particular departments as I have always been at the back of the queue when it comes to being dealt 'Luck', so when you cannot be lucky, I guess you have to learn pretty quickly how to swim rather than sink.

My personal Facebook page was becoming inundated with requests for assistance and support, so I opened a 'Helping Hands Support Page' (see link https://www.facebook.com/Helpinghandsgroupsupport) to ease the pressure from my private Facebook page, however; as soon as 'Covid' hit our shores in 2019 my inbox became inundated with requests for help and support and this has led to where I am now.

I felt I could perhaps, since losing my own business thanks totally to the government Covid Lockdowns, I put my time, knowledge gained and experience into helping others whose lives are also being traumatically affected by the current situation. Seeing how the government and all other agencies which people had put their lives, livelihoods and trust in has sadly and devastatingly deserted them in their time of need there was an urgent need for an unbiased source of assistance where all other assistance either came with a heavy price or a heavily government lined pocket.

The horror stories I hear every single day from hardworking professionals including Carers, Nurses, employees working in government and privately run companies all contacting me with their heart breaking descriptions of the most abhorrent atrocities being perpetrated upon them, the like that has not been seen or heard of in this country EVER! is now being committed to innocent civilians in the United Kingdom in 2021 all so-called in the name of 'Covid'. It is heart breaking to say the least. It was clear that people required tools and information in order to fight their corners, to fight for their human rights which are being stripped away every hour of every day here in the UK and which we all have the born right to live a life which offers us justice and freedom, both of which have now been taken away from us and so; I realised that I needed to offer help in some way however small, to all those being discriminated, persecuted, intimidated, bullied, coerced and prejudiced by the government run agencies, offices, Schools, Colleges, NHS and privately run companies who are all using this situation to their advantage whilst lining their pockets and causing as much distress and hardship as they can to all UK citizens. This is an unprecedented time in history, never before have we ever witnessed such oppression not even during the two World Wars.

This group now has over 5,000 followers and increases daily. We have in addition to this website, our groups on Facebook, Telegram, Parler, and Twitter whereby we are now becoming a growing, friendly and supportive community who impart knowledge, information and support to anyone who needs it. Helping Hands Group Support offers FREE template letters, FREE support, FREE Services and guidance to everyone. This Group is about 'People Helping People'.

This Group may have started out as just me but now this group is 'WE' - this is your group, our group - we help each other to deal with what life is bringing and taking from us. Our Group is now an ever increasing group of people whose main aim is to help and support other people in their day to day fights, injustices and general support if only someone to talk to when things get difficult. This situation is making more and more people feel totally isolated, separated from their families that they love and as a result so very many are taking their lives due to these restrictions. Poverty and mental illness are vastly increasing together with domestic and child abuse being rife as abusers and victims are locked up together with no way of escaping their torture, it is so very important that we are not left feeling isolated, helpless and alone.

I have brought onboard Steve who is a fully qualified senior electronics engineer who has over forty years experience in all and anything to do with electronics engineering and his expertise includes EMF, Communications etc., what he doesn't know about electronic engineering is not worth knowing and so anyone with concerns about 5G, RFID, EMF etc then we have that expertise available at Helping Hands Group Support. Steve is well versed in human rights and laws, he is also a qualified NEBOSH Health & Safety so we can offer a wide range of support.

Helping Hands Group Support is not a 'qualified legal' group such as a solicitors etc., I do however know  the British Laws, Human Rights and many courts and as such I am  able to offer people FREE support and direction enabling people the tools to fight for their own personal rights and gain support from new and old friends alike.  Helping Hands Group Support is NOT a Political or Action Group, it is an empathic group and is solely here to support anyone and everyone who requires assistance or just a listening ear at this time.  Everyone is WELCOME.

I hope you will join our jolly band of supporters, there is no official joining, you simply join in with the groups, we value your opinions, your blogs, your advice and experience but most of all we value you taking time out from your day to help others. We are stronger when we become a group, knowing that your battles are not being fought alone, it may be as simple as sending a virtual hug or a sympathetic comment to someone who desperately needs it, it all helps during these current times when so many people are being discriminated against, bullied and so many atrocities are being committed in the name of 'Covid' when companies, employers, teachers start using 'Covid' as an excuse to bully, intimidate and persecute adults and children alike there is something very seriously wrong in this country and Helping Hands wants to address the balance by showing that not all people are financially driven and not all of us discriminate or bully others. We like to think we are 'old school' here and we show support and respect to everyone regardless of colour, religion, creed, political views we are all equals only here, some are not more equal than others.

I hope you will all treat our members and this site with respect and kindness and trust you will not under any circumstances 'bully or troll' other people on this site or any of our sites, I will state that I have Zero tolerance for bullying,& trolling on our sites - Please feel free to blog, to download our letter templates on here, everything on this site is FREE - We are People Helping People.

.Thank you for visiting our website, I hope you find it useful and will visit us again soon.
Stay strong, stay positive everyone.
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