60C:  Self-EXEMption notice to enter nhs covid pass venues

As more and more pressure is made to only accommodate vaccinated visitors and customers to outdoor venues such as public houses, concerts, venues, restaurants etc., so the government is trying to make Covid NHS Passes as a way of controlling who can and who cannot enter public areas.  We have the right to self exempt ourselves to the NHS Covid Pass as the vaccination certificate can and must only be used as efficacy of the effects of the vaccine and not as a passport to allow entry to venues, this is restricting our freedom and liberty and as such is illegal which is why the Government state you can self exempt yourself from the NHS Covid Pass, for those who prefer to show a NHS Covid Pass exemption card, here is one you can download and photograph onto your mobile phone or you can print it off whichever is most convenient.  Should anyone prevent you entry based on a Covid vaccination pass, you must contact the EASS and start court proceedings against the venue responsible as it is breaching UK laws and human rights.