60B:  Self medically exemption notice to refuse covid testing

As many of you already know you are not obliged to wear masks, test or vaccinate this is purely consentual only and is not mandatory.  If you wish to self-medically exempt yourself from testing due to health problems and side effects of the PCR Test and lateral flow tests, you can self exempt yourself from all covid testing.  You can use verbal notification however; many of our members prefer to show a card that medically exempts themselves from testing, so I have included one below.  You can either photograph it on your mobile to use as and when anyone requests you test or you can copy and print it off to keep and show anyone.  Don't forget that if having a Covid test causes you undue stress and upset not to mention health problems and risks, you are then disabled and unable to receive it and you have the right in law to self-medically exempt yourself from the Covid Test.