60A:  self exemption notice to refuse covid vaccination

As more and more scare tactics are being made to make carers, NHS workers and support workers receive the trial vaccination under threat of losing their job, as notified it is NOT MANDATORY and it never can be made MANDATORY for the vast number of breaches to UK Laws and criminal law of coercion.  We offer a letter to those in the workplace that wish to refuse the non--mandatory Covid vaccination and many have requested a self-certification notice which although is not required, makes some feel easier to inform others that they are exempt as per their human rights and request that people treat them with respect and courtesy when accepting their self-exemption notice card.  It is available in a choice of formats here, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF - simply download or copy and print the card to carry with you at all times.  If anyone should confront you just show the self-exemption card.  They are forbidden from asking why you are exempt, this breaches the Equality Act 2010 - so do not enter discussions on the cause of your exemption, simply your choice is sufficient in law.

Download a choice of formats available below: