59:  Company breaching liberty & human rights due to forced isolation

In conjunction with our Letter 58 whereby aircrew are being forcibly isolated at work, other company's such as oil rigs, workers on sites etc  are having their human rights, freedom and liberty removed illegally.  This letter is for any unvaccinated employee who is being forced into isolation against their will.  Please read through carefully as there is a part that requires you to put number of days isolation into the letter.  Just copy and paste or download one of the formats below the letter.

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Dated: (Today's Date)

For the attention of (Head of HR or CEO of Company)

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Dear (Name of Head/Authority of Company) 

Re: Health & Safety and Removal of Liberty & Freedom

I am a (position/job title) at ( company name) and have been in my current position for (length of time) years. I have an excellent record of service and have always abided by Health & Safety regulations to ensure an optimally safe and secure work environment for both myself and my colleagues. I have always been happy to do this and recognise the necessity of the protective and precautionary regulations put in place, however; at the present time I am extremely concerned by the actions of your Company that appear to be complicit in the forced and illegal detention/imprisonment of unvaccinated employees

. I regret to inform you that the forced removal of freedom and liberty which your company calls 'Isolation' is in breach of my contract of employment, Health and Safety regulations and in breach of my human rights, as defined in UK law within the 2005 UNESCO Bioethics Human rights statement, which is required to be integrated into the laws of each member state, of which the UK is a full member.

 Highlighted below is a brief summary of these infractions:

  1.   I  have exercised my legal right and chosen not to be vaccinated in respect of the recent publicised COVID19 pandemic and have been informed that I will be forced under guard put into isolation removing my liberty and freedom of which both are my human rights, to be detained or imprisoned in a room, for the duration of (number of days here) and I am only allowed to exit this confinement once this period of isolation (Imprisonment) is concluded.      
  2.   Employees who have equally chosen to take the vaccination relating to the publicised COVID19 pandemic, are discriminatingly and prejudicially allowed freedom to carry on with normal activities despite the vaccination not offering any protection against the contraction or transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and to prejudice and discriminate against unvaccinated employees is in direct breach of the Equality Act 2010.      
  3.  Whilst your Company employs both vaccinated and unvaccinated personnel it is nevertheless  the responsibility of your company management to not show discrimination or prejudice against any employees regardless of vaccination status which cannot be used as a passport to freedom and as stated in law can only be used to display vaccination efficacy, however; your company are using it as a passport to freedom and liberty by forced imprisonment of      unvaccinated employees.  Your company is seriously failing in it's responsibilities towards the safety, duty of care and rights of it's staff.

For information, I have included a link to the entire 2005 UNESCO bioethics Human rights statement below: http://portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=31058&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html

 Although previously stated, it is important to realise that every individual has human rights as declared in the  United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural organisation (UNESCO) that the 2005 UNESCO bioethics human rights statement whereby every country which is part of United Nations must integrate these laws into each member state and is therefore law.  It should also be noted that no single country/state is able to alter, change or remove this law unilaterally, requiring the full cooperation of all other member states to make any changes. No such changes have been made by the UK government. In relation to this document and for further clarification

, I have included Article 3 of the statement below Article 3 – Human dignity and human rights 

1. Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected. 

2. The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society. 

As can be seen by article 3 and referencing this to section 1 of the infractions listed in this document, employee's are being illegally detained and in some cases 'escorted' to their confinement as if under guard and are effectively placed under house arrest, without being prosecuted for any offence. Any such action as described in section 1 of the infraction list is clearly a breach of article 3.1 of the statement and must not in law be allowed to continue. In addition to breaches to article 3 of the 2005 UNESCO bioethics human rights statement, the company, by allowing such false imprisonment of their unvaccinated employees, are also complicit in the breach of article 6.1 of the 2005 UNESCO bioethics human rights statement, again reprinted below for clarity: 

Article 6 – Consent 1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice. 

The wording of this article is quite explicit and clearly states that it is illegal to 'disadvantage or prejudice' an individual based on that individuals refusal to accept a 'preventative' (vaccination) medical intervention. Employee's who legally decline the 'preventative' experimental medical procedure for whatever reason are currently treated differently, being forced into forced detention or virtual house arrest until they are allowed to vacate the isolation, whilst vaccinated colleagues are allowed extra freedoms. This is blatant disregard for article 6.1 of the statement and is clearly a case of disadvantage or prejudice.

 The company, by being complicit in these actions are breaching the Human Rights of their employees. This practise must stop immediately. The company must not treat their employees differently and must ensure human rights are not breached and manage this matter more effectively and humanely in order to prevent further abuses of it's employees human rights. The Company has a responsibility for duty of care of it's employees and further, have a responsibility under the Employment Rights Act 1996 where it clearly states : 'An employee has the right not; to be subjected to any detriment by any act, or any deliberate failure to act, by his employer' and the Health and safety at work act 1974 in order to provide a safe and humane working environment. Current policies being enforced by the company have abandoned these acts and laws, thus promoting the possibility of physical/mental harm simply through illegal detention and forced imprisonment, based solely on an individuals vaccination status. If the Company knowingly and deliberately with full knowledge that the freedom of their unvaccinated employees is removed, threatened or affected, a freedom that is afforded to all individuals under Section 3 and section 6.1 of the 2005 UNESCO bioethics human rights statement and contrary to section 44 of the Employment rights act 1996, then the Company is officially complicit in breaching the Human rights of the individuals in their employ and are directly responsible for breaking the laws pertaining to the domestic UK employment act and as such can be prosecuted. I draw your attention to the following link: Employment Rights Act 1996 (legislation.gov.uk)

 I trust that the Company, being a responsible and caring employer in the main may not be aware of this serious situation and I trust you will give this matter your immediate attention and consider the serious actions that your Company are complicit in whereby you are allowing vaccinated employees/supervisors to perpetrate illegal acts upon your unvaccinated employee's whilst in your employ and that you will make every effort to stop the continued abuse towards all unvaccinated employees.

 Yours faithfully

(Your Name)

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