56: child refusal of covid testing of schoolchildren in the school - new term 2021

Increasingly schools are forcing and are complicit in pushing the Covid 19 PCR lateral flow testing of school children.  No child can be forced to test it is against their human rights and can lead to a variety of health and mental health risks of which collateral damage is not acceptable on normally healthy children.  Many parents wish to refuse their child/children from testing and this is a letter which has in the main be devised by medical professionals, doctors, professors of UK Medical freedom alliance group with additional human rights laws included by myself to inform teacher's they cannot enforce testing and threatening education of your child on refusal of PCR testing.  This is designed as an email which you can add your own personal details to the <highlighted> inserts, this can then be sent to the child's school via email and would recommend a copy is sent to the local education authority also, the more schools are bombarded with your child's human rights and the proposed appalling treatment of children in the school environment, the more likely it is to be withdrawn.

Copy & Paste here:

Sent via email                                            

               <Day>                 2021                
                               <School                name>
               <Parent/Guardian                Name>

Dear <Headteacher full name>, 

Further to your letters regarding the planned return to school of <child’s name/ children’s names> next week and <that I/We have already made the school aware of> the fact that he/she/they has/have increased anxiety levels.  I/We do not currently feel that you have provided me/us with sufficient information to enable me/us to give informed consent to your proposals, specifically for the planned testing arrangements and wearing of masks at all times unless outside. Whilst you have set an expectation of me/us giving consent, I/we have yet to see a copy of your full risk assessment identifying the associated risks for the supervised lateral flow testing at school, nor the risks and mitigations for prolonged mask wearing in children so young.  Mask wearing and testing are both medical procedures with potential harms that require full risk assessment when implementing on a healthy population. For example:

  • Psychological trauma of repeated      testing of healthy children – potential to cause PTSD      
  • Physical risks associated with      incorrect swabbing, too far up the nose or down the throat.  The      cribriform plate at the back of the nasal cavity is very thin and      fragile – particularly in children.  What precautions do the      school have in place to avoid serious injury to this delicate      structure that separates the nasal cavity from the brain?  Also,      unusual and unidentified anatomical anomalies which may predispose      to severe damage from swabbing. Nose bleeds and other more serious      injuries could result.      
  • Many harms have been shown to      result from prolonged facemask wearing.  The following are all      documented in the scientific literature:      

Physical Harms – Breathing difficulties and hypoxia, dermatitis, bacterial skin infections, increased risk of bacterial and viral respiratory infections, acne, headaches, fatigue Psychological - Anxiety, fear response, panic attacks, PTSD, school refusal, irritability, depression Educational - Difficulties with communication, missing non-verbal cues, impaired concentration Developmental – Impaired emotional and social development Social - Symbol of fear reducing social cohesion, isolation, bullying and ostracisation of mask-exempt children Long term potential risks: from chronic hypoxia and breathing chemicals and microfibres from the mask, reduced educational attainment How will you create a culture and system where children who are mask exempt or have not consented to testing have their confidentiality protected (e.g. privacy when testing to ensure that no-one knows who has or has not been tested) and are not ostracised/bullied (masks/tests) by teachers, staff and children alike and proof this is not breaching UK Laws to include UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 Articles 3.1, 3.2, 6.1, & 6.3 and Equality Act 2010 – Harassment. Currently I/We do not feel that we have been provided with sufficient information from yourself to provide informed consent, therefore at this stage we DO NOT give consent for testing & mask wearing of   my/our child/children ‘s/ Please advise the measures you will be taking to protect my/our child/children ‘s psychological health returning to school without being tested and not wearing a mask

. Yours sincerely,

 <Parent/Guardian’s name> 

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