53. Non consent to trial vaccinations in the workplace

As more and more employees are being threatened, coerced, prejudiced against in the workplace unless they agree to take part in the experimental vaccine trials and be vaccinated, so many are having their jobs and livelihood removed and threatened. I have now compiled a new letter which uses the trials against the forced vaccination and for which your employer cannot dismiss you (unless on zero hour contracts) because in it you are not refusing the vaccine you are refusing the trial experimental vaccine which has only a temporary licence and which the trials are not concluded until 2023, then when all trials and data are available on the safety of the experimental vaccines, then you can make an informed choice which is what you must do before accepting any medical procedures.  This letter states you are not refusing a fully licenced and analysed vaccine you are just refusing to be part of an experiment.  Simply copy and paste this letter putting in your details and sign, then send to your Head office/Department to remind them of UK Laws and human rights.

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Dear [names].

Re: Mandatory Covid 19 Vaccinations

I am an employee at [business/company name]. . I have an excellent record of service and have always abided by health and safety regulations to ensure an optimally safe and secure work environment for not only myself but also my other colleagues, and anyone who may visit the department.  I have been happy to do this and have recognised the necessity of the protective and precautionary regulations put in place. However, I am deeply distressed with the current policy on mandatory experimental Covid Vaccinations and the on-coming pressure being put upon myself to receive the experimental vaccine for Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2) in order to continue my work within the business.

 I am writing to you because I wish to receive a formal acknowledgement that accepts my 'legal and lawful exemption' from such requirements. I have discussed my many concerns, but fear that you believe that the current experimental trial vaccinations can be made mandatory in the workplace. No doubt you are aware that mandatory vaccinations are illegal and in breach of all our 'human rights' as we have the legal right to refuse consent to and not be prejudiced against for not consenting to any medical procedures i.e. Testing & Vaccinations as per our rights UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 – Article 6.1 Consent.  

As your employee I am putting this matter in writing as I am profoundly concerned about the impact this misinterpretation of the law is having, both on myself and my family.
I agreed and signed my employment contract in which taking part in 'mandatory' experimental trials and  Covid 19 vaccinations were not part and were not included in my terms of employment contract.  Due  to my human rights and laws of UK, you will be aware that I cannot be forced to take part in a medical experiment or trials for which the Covid vaccinations are part and for which only have a temporary licence for use in emergency situations only. (See link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/regulatory-approval-of-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca/conditions-of-authorisation-for-covid-19-vaccine-astrazeneca) and taking part in any medical experiment is purely via consent only. 

I would kindly remind you that due to existing UK human rights laws (UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 – Article 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 - Consent) in which no person can be coerced, pressured or prejudiced into accepting any medical interventions without prior consent of the person concerned. I wish to notify you that I do not 'at this time' give consent to taking part in the current UK experimental Covid Vaccination Trials which do not conclude until the year 2023. I would kindly remind you that my human rights are not environment-specific; it applies everywhere including the workplace. 

For your company to fail to acknowledge this and whereby you call for me to be mandatory vaccinated in order to retain my employment, this not only causes me immense distress but is also illegal and threatens my current health and employment. To enforce employees to take part in an experimental trial vaccination programme is illegal and will undoubtedly make your company totally responsible for all health damage incurred to all employee participants in the trials due to adverse effects from the experimental vaccines for which whilst they are still in their  trial stages can and are resulting in very serious adverse effects and in some cases death (See VAERS reports on adverse reactions at vaers.hhs.gov).  Please note that I am not refusing the fully tested, fully licensed Covid vaccine however; I am refusing to take part in the experimental trials and until these vaccinations receive  their full licenses after the experimental trials should they be deemed safe and concluded in 2023 when all trial experimental data is available on the safety of these experimental vaccines, I prefer not to risk my health in an experimental trial and wish to wait until the experimental trials are concluded and all data analysis and complete information on its safety  is available to me and by which time the virus (SARS-CoV-2) I trust will be acknowledged in the public domain for my information for which this is imperative that all persons are fully informed of all medical procedures and adverse reactions, of which cannot be determined until the experimental trials are concluded.

I would strongly encourage you to take legal advice on this matter, as I have done, to ensure you are completely clear on your obligations to accommodate and not discriminate against members of your staff who may be suffering from existing health conditions and disabilities. The Government have at no time issued a mandatory trial vaccination programme due to the UK laws and human rights and taking part in these trials is totally voluntary. Whilst I understand that Covid 19 is relatively new, and as such, I am sympathetic to the fact you may make unintended errors when first attempting to implement safety procedures, others may not be so patient. If a member of staff is put under pressure to be routinely vaccinated in the workplace, this contravenes the law on 'Consent' as per our Human Rights, and thus the staff member in question would be fully entitled to take further legal action against you, their employer, for not appropriately applying the law and for coercing and forcing employees to take part in experimental trials. It is also my belief taking into account all extensive medical evidence available, that a large number of adverse effects are being suffered unnecessarily by those vaccinated together with  NHS vaccination information which clearly states that the experimental vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus. VAERS publish up to date adverse reactions to the vaccinations many of which are severe and have resulted in numerous deaths and with careful consideration of all the facts available to me on the Covid trials, this experimental vaccine is clearly not safe to all persons.  These are not health risks I am willing  to take on my current good health. Therefore, I DO NOT CONSENT to risk damaging my health leading to increased absences from work or hospital treatment, which may have a number of extremely undesirable professional and personal health, financial repercussions to both myself and my family.

My priority and primary purpose in composing this correspondence is to receive a formal acknowledgement that there will be no expectation of or pressure made upon me to be forced into the experimental Covid vaccine trials until such time as all experimental trials are completed and analysed and all experimental and temporary vaccine licenses are registered with full licenses when all results of the trials are completed and in the public domain. I am aware of the law regarding my human rights and my ability to choose whether or not I am willing to take part in experimental vaccination trials and to ensure that I will be not be discriminated or prejudiced against by employers and peers due to my refusal to be vaccinated at work.

I look forward to hearing from your reply to this message within seven working days or I will be obliged to take further legal advice.
Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,

[Your name]

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