50. Business owners right to refuse mask wearing due to customer complaint to authorities

Times have become extremely strange whereby even when you own your own business, many customers are reporting owners for their exemption to wearing a mask.  Apparently business owners are not allowed to have exemptions like the rest of the population their customers believe that their selfish needs should outweigh the health of the shop owner who has probably in the past their means to important and essential services.  Business owners have the right to be exempt the same as anyone else and it is unlawful for customers to report such cases as it comes under discrimination and the customer could be liable for a fine for up to and including £9,000 for discriminating against their service provider.  It works both ways, customer or business owner discriination is not acceptable under any circumstances.  This letter will inform whoever is reporting or enforcing mask wearing of pre-legal action against them.

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For the attention of  (Name of person concerned)

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To whom it may concern

Re: Making a formal complaint for violation of the Equality Act 2010 – Articles 14 & 15 – Discrimination and Harassment

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated (Enter date of correspondence here)  in which you received a complaint from one of my customers in relation to my exemption from mask wearing .I noted the contents of your letter regarding the need to wear a face mask/shield however; as per the Coronavirus Act 2020 I hold an exemption card due to suffering from hidden disabilities which do not allow or permit me to wear a face mask/shield.  

As I am sure you are fully aware in your professional capacity that all those persons who suffer with hidden disabilities for whatever reason are fully exempt by the UK Government from wearing any face coverings in their day to day work or daily life.  I would also wish to draw your attention that to force mask wearing upon exempt persons is in breach of UK laws and human rights.  

Please be advised that any person/s confronting people with hidden disabilities and either challenging or requesting the cause of the hidden disabilities is breaking the Equality Act 2010 – Article 14 & 15 – Discrimination & Harassment and for breaking the current Coronavirus Act 2020.  By requesting and demanding that I wear a face mask/shield in my own private business premises despite my exemption also breaches my human rights (UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 – Article 6.1 - Consent) by attempting to enforce, coerce or prejudice someone due to their disability i.e. exemption from mask wearing, you breach my right to consent. I am within my rights not to divulge my hidden disability to anyone, and for any person/s breaking this law are liable for prosecution in a court of law whereby the fine payable is up to and including £9,000.

I am notifying your company that I am making a formal complaint and wish for the matter to be dealt with in accordance with your complaints procedures. I trust you will give this matter your urgent attention prior to legal action for breaching UK Laws. I look forward to hearing from you regarding my complaint at your earliest convenience..

Yours faithfully

Your Name 

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