45A: Final letter reminder for compensation due to shop/company discrimination due to mask wearing

Further to our Letter 45 in which the letter is sent to a company/shop etc., for discrimination and refusal of service due to non-mask wearing, many replies will confirm the prejudice or they may ignore the letter.  This is a final follow up letter to be sent if they have not paid you the money requested in Letter 45 for the discrimination and prejudice shown in their store.  Enter the details, date you sent Letter 45, any reply if applicable and the amount you requested from them.  

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Dear Sir / Madam  

Re: Equality Act 2010 Reminder Before Claim – Disability Discrimination arising from your company’s reaction to me being unable to wear a face covering 

Further to our letter dated (date letter was sent) in which the actions of your staff discriminated against my hidden disabilities and exemption due to my inability to wear a face covering as per the Coronavirus Act 2020.  

Further to our letter dated (date letter was sent) in which the actions of your staff discriminated against my hidden disabilities and exemption due to my inability to wear a face covering as per the Coronavirus Act 2020.  

 Following my letter to your company (Enter here any details that was sent in reply or if no reply mention it here

Your company have acted in a prejudicial and discriminating manner by refusing me service in your establishment due to my hidden disabilities and is guilty of breaching  Section 6 of the Equality Act 2010 by refusing to serve me in your store due to my disability of being unable to wear a face covering as per my rights and for which the incident has caused me untold stress and trauma as a result of the incident.  I have requested the amount of (£amount here) as per my rights on breach of the Equality Act 2020 which is UK law and I would like to remind you, includes the following:

" As a service provider you must not discriminate against me. Section 29 Provision of services, etc. (1) A person (a “service-provider”) concerned with the provision of a service to the public or a section of the public (for payment or not) must not discriminate against a person requiring the service by not providing the person with the service. (2) A service-provider (A) must not, in providing the service, discriminate against a person (B)— (a) as to the terms on which A provides the service to B; (b) by terminating the provision of the service to B; (c) by subjecting B to any other detriment. Additionally, under Section 13 (1) A person (A) discriminates against another (B) if, because of a protected characteristic, A treats B less favourably than A treats or would treat others. And Section 15 provides me with extra protection against discrimination arising in consequence of my disability. And there is also a special rule for discrimination cases: if I can prove some of the facts, you will then have to prove there was no discrimination. This is sometimes called ‘shifting the burden of proof’. It is set out in section 136 of the Equality Act 2010: Section 136 Burden of proof (1) This section applies to any proceedings relating to a contravention of this Act. (2) If there are facts from which the court could decide, in the absence of any other explanation, that a person (A) contravened the provision concerned, the court must hold that the contravention occurred. (3) But subsection (2) does not apply if A shows that A did not contravene the provision.

 The disability discrimination you perpetrated against me is covered by the Vento Scale as outlined in the Equality and Human Rights Commission Guidance regarding the value of discrimination claims. You can find it here: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/sites/default/files/quantification-of-claimsguidance.pdf . In the role of service provider your company are now  liable to pay compensation as requested in my previous letter and would urge you to make a full settlement within the next seven days to avoid County Court proceedings.

 I look forward to hearing from you with proposals for settlement within the next seven days.  I wish to remind you that this letter is the final letter prior to legal proceedings being made and would urge you to take legal advice prior to my initiating court proceedings against your company. 

Yours faithfully,

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 [your name]  

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