44A: Employees refusing covid testing in workplace - softer approach letter from group of employees

This letter is the same as letter No. 44 only this is designed to be from a number of the employees in the same company who all wish to refuse Covid testing and/or vaccinations in the workplace.

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Dear [names].
Re: Mandatory Routine Covid Testing & Covid 19 Vaccinations
We are employees at [business/company name]. . We all have excellent records of service and have always abided by health and safety regulations to ensure an optimally safe and secure work environment for us and our other colleagues, and anyone else who may visit the premises. We have been happy to do this and have recognised the necessity of the protective and precautionary regulations put in place. However, as a group we are deeply distressed with the current regulations regarding routine Covid (SARS-CoV2) testing and future Covid Vaccinations and the on-coming pressure being put upon us to be routinely tested and vaccinated for Covid 19 (SARS-CoV-2) in order to carry out our work with your company.  

We are writing to you because we wish to receive a formal acknowledgement that accepts our 'legal exemption' from such requirements. We have discussed our many concerns, but fear that testing and vaccination will be made mandatory. No doubt you are aware that mandatory testing and vaccinations are illegal and in breach of all our 'human rights' as we have the right to refuse consent to any medical procedures i.e. Testing & Vaccinations as per our rights UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 – Article 6.1 Consent.   We as your employees are putting this matter in writing as we are all profoundly concerned about the impact this misinterpretation of the law is having, both on us and our other colleagues.
We all agreed and signed our employment contracts with your company in which routine Covid 19 testing and vaccinations were not included in our terms of employment and therefore cannot be made mandatory to our existing employment contracts with your company. 

We would kindly remind you that due to existing UK human rights laws (UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 – Article 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 - Consent) in which no person can be coerced, pressured or prejudiced into accepting any medical interventions without prior consent of the person concerned. We wish to notify you that we (all named below) do not give consent to being routinely tested for Covid or vaccinated for Covid in the workplace and would remind you that our human rights are not environment-specific; it applies everywhere including the workplace. For your company to fail to acknowledge this and whereby you call for us to be routinely tested, this not only causes us immense distress , pain and discomfort but also results in our health being adversely affected by the Covid Testing and Vaccination, this includes headaches, sinus pain, nose bleeds, facial tenderness amongst other side effects of which Covid Testing can result in life threatening medical conditions as does the vaccination which has resulted in many deaths from adverse reactions. To enforce testing and vaccinations will undoubtedly make your company totally responsible for all health damages incurred by us due to regular Covid testing and for all mild, medium and serious adverse effects from the vaccine which could result in long term disability and absence from the workplace.

We would strongly encourage you to take legal advice on this matter, as we have done, to ensure you are completely clear on your obligations to accommodate and not discriminate against members of your staff who may be suffering from existing health conditions and disabilities. The Government have issued guidelines that only those persons showing & displaying signs of Covid symptoms should test, at no time in the Coronavirus Act do they condone routine regular Covid testing, this is due to the long term health conditions and the inaccuracy of the testing.

Whilst  we understand that Covid is relatively new, and as such, we are  sympathetic to the fact you may make unintended errors when first attempting to implement safety procedures, others may not be so patient. If a member of staff is put under pressure to be routinely tested or vaccinated in the workplace, this contravenes the law on 'Consent' as per our Human Rights, and thus the staff member in question would be fully entitled to take further legal action against you, their employer, for not appropriately applying the law. It is also our  belief taking into account all extensive medical evidence available, that routine Covid Testing serves no purpose whatsoever in safeguarding any members of the public. The Covid Test is known to be inaccurate as declared by  Dr Kary B. Mullis the inventor of the Test for use in detecting virus's. Over 75% of the test results are false positive results and this together with the fact you are only as safe as the moment you were tested, as after the test you could become infected within seconds so the result means you are not clear of Covid. Testing is being used by the government however incompetently as a means of testing those with current symptoms, not persons who are well and display no symptoms of the virus. Routine Testing has been proved medically to increase the risk of many serious illnesses to include such side effects as nose bleeds, headaches, congestion, facial swelling, to more serious conditions such as Nasal Vestibulitis, bacterial meningitis, Zygomycosis which can be life threatening and to which the responsibility lies with you for forcing such routine testing. These are not health risks we are willing  to take to risk our health. Therefore, WE DO NOT CONSENT to damaging our health leading to increased absences from work or hospital treatment, which may have a number of extremely undesirable professional and personal health, financial repercussions to both us and our families.

However, our priority and primary purpose in composing this correspondence is to receive a formal acknowledgement that there will be no expectation of or pressure on us to be routinely Covid Tested or vaccinated until such time as any of those listed below are suffering or experiencing Covid symptoms in conjunction with the Coronavirus Act 2020 for which all companies are bound to adhere to. We would like to further request you ensure all colleagues are aware of the law regarding their human rights and their ability to choose whether or not they are willing to be routine tested and vaccinated and to ensure that neither us or any of our other colleagues are discriminated against by peers due to our refusal to be routinely Covid tested and vaccinated at work.

We look forward to hearing from your reply to this message within seven working days or we will be obliged to take further legal advice.
Thank you for your time.
Yours Sincerely,

[Your name] 

[Colleagues name]

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