27. Parents Mask Wearing in School yards


Increasingly we are seeing parents being forced to wear masks in the school yard when collecting their children and also when dropping the child off at the school gates.  Schools are still legally bound by rules and human rights and every parent has the human right to refuse to wear a mask due to hidden disabilities.  We have included a template letter for parents to send to the Headmaster/Governors/Local Education Authority demanding they acknowledge and work within the Coronavirus Act 2020 and the Equality Rights 2010.

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For the urgent attention of The Headteacher/Governors

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To whom it may concern

 Re: Parental Exemption from wearing a Mask due to hidden disabilities - Equality Act 2010 – Discrimination (Section 13 & Section 15)

 I understand that I am now required to wear a mask when taking and collecting my child to and from school.  I wish to inform you that I hold a Government Exemption Card in accordance with the 'Coronavirus Act 2020' this card issued by the Government guarantees me full exemption from wearing any mask or shield in accordance with my disability and in conjunction with the Equality Act 2010 (Section 13 & Section 15) in which it is illegal to show discrimination or question persons on the particulars of their said disability (Maximum fine is £9,000 Nine thousand pounds) against anyone who suffers from hidden disabilities which prevents them from wearing a mask or shield. I am unable to wear a mask/splashback shield due to hidden disabilities and by law this must be accepted any such refusal to accept the Government Exemption Card is breaching my human rights (UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005: Article 6.1 UK Law) by forcing my consent (insisting I wear a mask) i.e. making conditions which affect the health, safety of myself as a parent and endangering the safety of my child in your care if I am refused access to take or collect my child to/from the school. 

 The school has a responsibility in law to safeguard my child whilst in their care & by refusing a parent from collecting a child, means the child is left alone in the school yard this is totally unacceptable. If the school are unable to respect the law & act within the confines of the Coronavirus Act 2020 whereby my exemption to wearing a mask is lawful and in accordance with the Act, then I will be forced to take the matter further and to the Health & Safety Executive team.

  I trust the school will not wish this matter to escalate further and will in accordance with the law respect my disability and allow me to take/collect my child unhindered.

Yours faithfully


Witness Name & Signature

Downloadable versions available here:  Microsoft Doc., PDF or ODT (Word):