23. Letter to MP No faith in Cons Party


Anyone out there who feels the need to write to their own Member of Parliament (MP) to inform them of your lack of support to the current government - here is a template to send a copy to your MP - simply add your details and that of your own MP.

**Remember to include your details in the relevant (Bracket) areas to personalise it**  *Please note this letter is available in a choice of downloadable formats below - Microsoft Doc., ODT (Word) or PDF format.

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Copy & Paste letter here:

[Insert MP Name Here]         

House of Commons 



[Insert Your Address Here]


Dear [MP Name],

Following the announcement of your government on Monday 21st September and pre-empting the mis-message of your leader on the 22nd, I write to inform you of our growing regret to have ever given our vote and support to the conservative party. We had never voted conservative and believed the promises and character displayed by Boris Johnson and you were dependable and true. It is now abundantly clear that they were not.

Individually, as a family and as a constituency and nation we are decimated by the government's mishandling of the current covid non-crisis and dismayed and shocked by their/your intention to impose further illegal and draconian restrictions. We would make clear we do not and will not support the government's policies. All evidence, both scientific and economic, supports the argument that a lockdown is wholly wrong, fatal to the many and does not work.

On the above premise we join the growing movement to retract all support for the conservatives and pledge to work with all vigor to vote for and support another party at all forthcoming local and national elections. Unless the government policy created crisis and circumstances facing this great nation are changed, both our position and that of every member of this burgeoning movement will not change.

We urge you to remember your passion and fervor that drove you to become an MP,  to carry out your responsibilities as our elected representative, to make a difference and not to sit idly by and spout conservative rhetoric as some impotent mouthpiece of Boris Johnson.

We urge you to take action, to challenge the government and act on our behalf to facilitate open parliamentary debate and scrutiny, so as to halt this runaway governments destruction of our nation, our great British principles and our lives. 

All faith in your government has diminished, notwithstanding the hypnotic and misleading draw of the so called polls. Your action now; can heal this division and do much to restore our faith in politics and democracy and regain our local and national support. We hope you can respond, not with the standard party line but with compassion, empathy and understanding and a list of actions you can personally take to address our fears and concerns and hold this government to account.

We await your response

Yours Sincerely

[Insert Name Here]