20. NEW - Letter to MP children Returning to School


Here is a template letter to send to MP regarding the children returning to school.  You enter your own details name, address etc and sign it before sending it to your MP.

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House of Commons

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Dear [MP NAME],

I am writing to you as a concerned constituent, ahead of the proposed return to school for children across the United Kingdom in the coming weeks. As I am sure you are aware, it has been suggested and proposed that children could be asked to return to school under a variety of scenarios, I believe, which would be detrimental to both their mental health and capacity to learn. These circumstances include the prospect of blended learning, where pupils are required to attend school on a rotational basis, social distancing and children wearing personal protective equipment. I am sure you can see the risks that this poses to the development of children and I urge you to oppose any policy which would see children return under anything other than pre-coronavirus circumstances. In recent days, the Government have rightly pointed out that the risk of transmission between children at schools is statistically low. 

Further to the statements by the Government a study by the the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has found that across 15 countries evidence “suggests that re-opening schools has not been associated with significant increases in community transmission”. Yet, given the received wisdom that the return of children to school under normal circumstances will not result in a ‘second-wave’ of coronavirus, I am concerned that children will be required to stay apart in social bubbles and only be educated on a part-time basis. Now it has also been stated that children will be forced to undergo routine Covid (SARS-CoV-2) testing, this is painful, distressing and can have serious life-threatening results for e.g. Nosebleeds, Sinusitis, Nasal Vestibulitis, Bacterial Meningitis and Zygomyosis. These conditions and even the milder symptoms of repeated nasal testing can cause ill health and life-long psychological distress to the child concerned.  

In some schools they have adopted an insane action of opening all classroom windows during the winter, forcing the classroom to fall below the acceptable temperature permittable according the Health & Safety Precautions, forcing children to study in classrooms wearing hats, scarves, coats, this archaic behaviour of the schools concerned not only break Health and Safety laws but more alarmingly as we all know, cold temperatures reduce the body's immune system allowing children to succumb to any and all cold, flu or Covid virus.  Contrary to protecting the children, the school is actively encouraging children to become infected and transmit the virus back to their families. These concerns are not just shared between parents and members of the public. A recent study by Barnardo’s suggested that 90% of education professionals also believe that the coronavirus has had a detrimental and long lasting impact on children’s mental health as it stands without the added pressures of being tested in such a painful and distressing way.

I believe one of the most effective and important measures to address this issue is by allowing children to return to an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and back into a routine rather than being forced to wear personal protective equipment, taught in social bubbles and placed into an irregular pattern of learning. I would implore you to write to the Education Secretary and outline the positive impact which a return to school in the fashion in which children were meant to be taught, will have on young people’s mental health and life chances. 

Finally, if the Government is so intent on following scientific guidance when negotiating the challenges posed by the coronavirus, then I would urge it to consider the most recent guidance from SAGE which advised that the risk of serious illness to children from this virus is low whilst the risk of serious psychological and health issues caused directly by the actions of the schools is disturbingly high.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes,