2. Children Cold Classrooms


Here is the Template Letter for all those parents whose children are being made to take their daily studies in open window classrooms.  We need to remind Headteachers that it is illegal to allow the classroom temperature fall below 16C degrees and as such they are not only breaking the Health & Safety Regulations but also your child's human rights.  Please copy and paste filling in the relevant information for you/child remember all parent letters must be signed by the parent, not the child unless the child is over the age of 16 years.  The child can if over the age of 12 years include their signature also.  Please obtain a witness over the age of 18 years to witness you signing the letter and send it to the Headteacher/Governing Body/Local Education Authority concerned.  I have also included a PDF link for those who are able to edit PDF's accordingly 

**Remember to include your details in the relevant (Bracket) areas to personalise it**  *Please note we also have available clickable Microsoft Doc, ODT or PDF versions available below: 

Download Microsoft Doc format of letter here:  Letter 2 - Cold classrooms.doc

Download ODT version of letter here: Letter 2 - Cold classrooms.odt

Download PDF Version of letter here: 2. School - Child - Cold Classrooms.pdf

Copy & Paste this letter:


(Your Address)



Dated: (Todays Date)

For the urgent attention of Headteacher/Governing Body

and Local Education Authority

To Whom it may concern

Re: Classrooms below the legal minimum temperature – contravention of HSE Act 1974

It has been brought to my attention that my child's School is breaking the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Act 1974 whereby all Schools must follow the same health and safety rules on compulsory indoor temperatures.  

My child comes home from school freezing cold and shivering from spending their day in a classroom which has all its windows open thereby causing the classroom temperature to drop below the minimum temperature laws i.e. The law states “In a normal, indoor environment, the temperature should be a minimum of 16 degrees Celsius”. The classroom is below the minimum temperature which is in contravention of the HSE Act 1974.

It is a known recognised fact given by the Government that the Coronavirus thrives in cold conditions and it is also a known medical fact that the human bodies immune system is significantly lowered in cold conditions, thereby causing my child to be at increased risk of catching the Coronavirus and/or other virus's which can infect people with lowered immunity due to the cold temperatures.

I wish to remind you that all Teachers, Governing Body and the Local Education Authority are bound by the laws governing room temperatures of classrooms and to adhere to a general duty of care to its pupils. The school has to by law ensure the health, safety and welfare of all pupils (as far as reasonably practicable), this also extends to protecting children from hot and cold extreme temperatures – the school are acting negligently, irresponsibly and are endangering my child's health and safety as a result of allowing classrooms to be extremely cold and in contravention of the HSE UK Laws.

It is within my rights to withhold my child from the school whilst the school are acting illegally and negligently in the care of its pupils and as a result if these circumstances continue I am hereby informing you that my child will not be attending school whilst the classrooms are below the legal temperature which will increase illness as a direct result.  Should the school not adhere to UK laws, I will be forced to report the school to the Health & Safety Executive.

Yours faithfully


Parents Name   

 Witness Name & Signature