18. Requesting right of access to information


If you are currently fighting a government office, council, business, anything in which you are fighting a case and perhaps you have mislaid all your letters or correspondence over a period of time and do not have the information at hand, then you may be interested to know that you have via the "Freedom of Information Act 2000" have the full right to request from any office a copy of all information, correspondence, including internal memo's, payments, statements etc from the company concerned.  They are obliged to send you copies of ALL correspondence relating to you that they have on their system.  This letter is a request for that information.  Simply add your personal details to the letter e.g. name and address and do not forget to include the Dates of correspondence you want i.e. January 2017 to January 2020 whatever period of time you would like them to send to you please put in the To and From Date part.

They will send you the information free of charge, do not let them try to charge you for this, they are obligated as are all businesses to supply this information if requested.  They must reply as soon as possible and certainly before 40 working days.

**Remember to include your details in the relevant (Bracket) areas to personalise it**  *Please note this letter is available in a choice of downloadable formats - Microsoft Doc.,  ODT (Word) or PDF format.

Click here for ODT (Word) :  Letter 18 - Right's of Access freedom of information request.odt

Click here for Microsoft Doc version here:  Letter 18 - Right's of Access freedom of information request.doc

Click here for PDF copy:  eRights of Access Request.pdf

Copy and Paste this letter

Your Name

Your Address

Dated: (Todays Date)

For the attention of Rights of Access Department

(Name of organisation)

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Request for “Right to Access of Information” - Freedom of Information Act 2000

I am formerly writing as per my rights “Freedom of Information Act 2000” to request the Right of Access to all Information which includes copies of all correspondence to and from your office, all internal memorandum pertaining to me and details of all payments made to and from the office.

I request you send the information relating to the period:

From: (Date)                To: (Date) inclusive.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and would appreciate all information is sent to me at the above address.

Yours faithfully

Name & Signature