14A: Employer notification that GP Certification is not required for mask exemption - workplace

This letter is a follow-up letter to employer's who after sending Letter No. 14 regarding rights not to wear a mask in the workplace, if they come back at you and request a Doctor's certification of exemption (which is not necessary in law and has nothing to do with medical inability to wear a mask) then send this letter to your employer to remind them that they are breaking the law by requesting a doctors exemption certificate, it is not required, exemption is not based on medical exemption only and no requirement is made in law (Coronavirus Act 2020) - this reminds them that they are acting in a discriminatory and prejudicial manner and breaking UK laws and human rights by requesting this.  Highlight copy and paste and put in your details, sign, date and send to your employer.

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To whom it may concern

Re: Discrimination over mask wearing in the workplace

I am writing to notify you that the Coronavirus Act 2020 clearly states as per my human rights that should the wearing of a mask cause me undue distress then I am exempt from wearing a mask and attach the government exemption card. At no time is a medical certificate required from my GP due to exemption being based on the discomfort and distress caused by wearing a mask and not based on a medical condition.

I would also like to take this opportunity of pointing out that currently in England mask wearing is no longer required as declared by the Prime Minister on Monday 19th July 2021 in which he announced that all those living in England are now no longer required to wear a mask in any setting. Your company has chosen to ignore the Coronavirus Act 2020, my human rights (UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 – Article 6.1 and Equality Act Section 14 & 15) and the Prime Ministers update on the Coronavirus Act 2020 which is illegal and discriminatory and would kindly remind you that wearing a mask is causing me severe distress and inability to carry out the work expected of me for which I offer my utmost in the workplace.

I trust that as a respected business you will wish to uphold the current UK Coronavirus laws and those that respect my human rights in whatever setting. Discrimination and prejudice is a serious crime in the UK and United Nations laws which can lead to serious prosecution in a court tribunal. I am sure we both wish to avoid this matter of discrimination and prejudice being taken further and can agree as per the current Coronavirus Act that mask wearing is no longer compulsory and for all those who find mask wearing difficult are exempt by the UK Government.

I look forward to hearing from you with confirmation that your company intends to uphold the Coronavirus Act 2020 whereby mask exemption is not based on medical certification and UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 laws together with the updated law whereby no one in England is required to wear a mask, living in England this includes myself and trust I will be allowed to work as per my contract without unenforceable rules that breach the law and my human rights.

Yours faithfully

(Your Name)

Attached: Exemption Card  

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