13. Complaint Letter to local health board due to refusal of medical treatment due to disability


There has sadly been a very rapid rise in hospitals and doctor surgeries refusing to undertake medical procedures and tests unless you agree to wear a Mask or a Shield.  Clearly even the government will exempt you from wearing a mask due to your disability, so the hospital or surgery refusing to treat you unless you wear a mask is against the United Nations Human Rights Act 2005 whereby you cannot be refused medical treatment based on discrimination - this means they are not only breaking the law once but twice, this is a very serious crime because many people have died or become seriously ill due to the negligence of hospitals and doctors surgeries performing urgent and necessary treatment simply due to the excuse of not wearing a mask which for those of us who have hidden disabilities the fear of the mask is worse than the fear of the illness itself.   Medical practitioners are not psychologists and as such seem ignorant of mental and hidden disabilities.  By refusing you treatment as a result of you refusing to wear a mask (which is well within the government Coronavirus Act 2020 and with a government exempt card) the medical establishment concerned can be fined up to and exceeding if breaking both laws in excess of £9,000, that is the nurse who refuses you the treatment not the hospital, whoever it is that refuses you the treatment is the person liable for prosecution, so take their name for legal reasons.  They are breaking the following laws:

UNESCO Bioethics & Human Rights 2005 - Article 6.1 & Article 14.2 

Equality Act 2010 Article 13 & 15 Discrimination -

I have for your convenience set out a standard general template to send to the complaints department of your local health board.  Feel free to add your personal details to the template letter i.e. specifying what was said, what happened, where you were etc, add your name and address and signature, please ensure you obtain a witness to sign the witness signature (must be over 18 years of age) - you can either send it online to the complaints department or via post to the address of your local health board.  

**Remember to include your details in the relevant (Bracket) areas to personalise it**  *Please note this letter is available in a choice of Microsoft Doc,  ODT (Word) and PDF format.

Download Microsoft Doc version of letter here:  Letter 13 - complaint letter to local health board for refusing medical treatment based on disability.doc

Download ODT (Word) version of letter here:  Letter 13 - complaint letter to local health board for refusing medical treatment based on disability.odt

Download PDF Version of letter here:  Complaint letter for refusal of treatment due to discrimination over Masks.pdf

Copy & Paste this letter:

(Your Name)

(Your Address)

Tel: (   )

Email: (   )

Dated : (Today's Date)

(Surgery Name & Address

and/or Health Board)

To Whom it may concern,

I wish to make a formal complaint and wish it to be known and understood that I attended my local (medical centre/hospital) for treatment, however; on my arrival the nurses requested I wear a mask or a shield before carrying out the necessary procedure/s.

I informed the nurses that I am “exempt” by the government from wearing a mask or shield due to my physical and mental disabilities, the nurses in question then refused me treatment for not wearing a mask/shield and this is in direct contravention of my Human Rights   (Article 6.1 UK law and  Article 6.1 & Article 14.2(a) UNESCO bioethics human rights 2005 Charter) and in contravention of the Equalities Act 2010 – Discrimination - Section 13 & 15 whereby it is against the law to refuse me necessary medical treatment due to discriminatory behaviour against my disability.

Please note: That contravention of the Equalities Act 2010 -Discrimination holds a 'personal' fine of up to £9,000 for any person's actions.

I have sought legal advice and have been informed that no person can refuse me medical treatment based solely on my disability and your nurses are refusing me treatment which is in direct contravention of my Human Rights and are liable for prosecution.

I look forward to receiving a satisfactory reply to my complaint and receive necessary medical treatment as per my human rights without the need of wearing a mask/shield (Shields are for splashback chemicals/liquids – not used in medical procedures).  I trust the nurses in question will be dealt with in accordance with the law and my rights.


(Your Name)                     

Witness Name & Signature